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Puma 2022 – with Hungarian participation

Text: honvedelem.hu/bocskaidandar.hu | Photo: HDF 5th Bocskai István Infantry Brigade |  16:19 November 24, 2022

The military exercise Puma 2022 was organized with the participation of the Visegrád Four countries in the training areas of Deba and Lipa, Poland, in early November.


Hungary was represented on the exercise by a platoon of the 39th Infantry Battalion of the HDF 5th Bocskai István Infantry Brigade, the command staff, and the supporting force – altogether around 60 troops. During the maneuvers, the forces of Great Britain and the USA reinforced the V4 countries, involving some 2000 servicemen and nearly 300 pieces of military equipment in the task.

The purpose of the live fire tactical training exercise was to increase the efficiency of the coordination of allied forces. The participating nations got acquainted with each other’s tactics and exchanged experiences.


The exercise ended with a distinguished visitors’ day. The main phase of the event featuring dynamic and static programs was the execution of a tactical mission coupled with a multinational (Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, British) complex live fire exercise (“integrated fire”), in which the participants demonstrated a counterattack launched by a defending force with the deployment of air and ground assets.