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Sniper cross-training in Kosovo

Text: First Lieutenant Bence Visnyei | Photo: by the author |  13:17 January 31, 2023

Two sniper squads of the KFOR-27 HUNCON participated in a joint cross-training event with the American forces of Regional Command East (RC-E) Bravo Company.


The three-day training – aimed at familiarization with each other’s techniques – started with classroom instruction in Camp Novo Selo, during which the two nations’ snipers introduced one another to the rangefinding, weapons handling and aiming techniques used by them.

In the afternoons, despite the freezing cold and the icy wind, they put into practice what they had learned on the shooting range of Golesh Mountain Area. They first “zeroed” the weapons firing at targets placed at a distance of 100 meters, and then conducted special shooting practices from various distances (100–535 meters) with the Hungarian (SVD, Szép) and the American (M110) sniper rifles.

Made up of Hungarian soldiers, the 27th rotation of the Hungarian Defence Forces KFOR Contingent (KFOR-27 HUNCON) has already conducted several joint cross-training events with KFOR troop contributing nations. These training events are key to cooperation. In order to be able to effectively cooperate, it is important that the forces deployed in the area of operations know each other’s system of procedures, equipment and methods.