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Supervisor visit to Exercise Alligator Sword 2021

Text: HQ MND-C | Photo: 1GNC |  07:18 November 24, 2021

Exercise Alligator Sword 2021 is in full swing in Wildflecken, Germany, in which, in addition to several units and headquarters, the Székesfehérvár-based Multinational Division Headquarters - Centre (HQ MND-C) also participates. Major General Denis Tretinjak, commander of HQ MND-C was observed the professional execution of the exercise in person on 21 November.

Alligator_Sword (1)

Started in mid-November, computer assisted staff exercise Alligator Sword 2021 led by the 1st German-Netherlands Corps is providing a platform to jointly practice for the German 10th Armoured Division, the Norwegian Northern Brigade and the Headquarter Multinational Division – Centre. The HQ MND-C staff takes part in the last great challenge of this year in two locations, Wildflecken and Székesfehérvár.

During the visit, Major General Tretinjak met Lieutenant General Andreas Marlow, commander of the 1st German-Netherlands Corps and Major General Ruprecht von Butler, commander of the 10th Armored Division. The commander of the HQ MND-C gained insight into the structure of military organizations, their fundamental tasks, but also was informed about the exercises planned for the period 2022-2024. Regarding exercise Alligator Sword 2021, Major General Tretinjak was introduced to the command and control (C2) system, the command post support structures and the working methods of the two organizations ’ staffs. During the meetings, the Major General had the opportunity to brief both commanders on the process of setting up HQ MND-C. He spoke about the priorities and key training cornerstones of the HQ MND-C, including achieving full operational capability (FOC) and preparing for the Combat Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL) indispensable to FOC. During the visit, Major General Tretinjak stressed the importance of mutual cooperation with other military organizations, adding that gaining and exchanging professional experience is essential for success.

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In addition to the professional consultations, the division commander met with HQ MND-C staff led by Brigadier General Zoltán Somogyi, Chief of Staff and with the personnel of HDF 43rd Nagysándor József Signal and Command Support Regiment, he observed the Forward Command Post (FCP) set up in the Wildflecken training base, the areas accommodating and supporting the working environment. Furthermore, he got familiarized with the dynamics and execution of the exercise as well as the process of operational planning.

Following the visit of the commander of HQ MND-C, Lieutenant General Alfons Mais and Lieutenant General Martin Wijnen, commanders of the German and Dutch ground forces also visited Alligator Sword 2021 on 22 November, representing the framework nations of the 1st German-Dutch Corps Command. Brigadier General Somogyi provided the army commanders with information on the establishment and tasks and role of HQ MND-C and its function during exercise Alligator Sword 2021.