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Test Flight with the First Hungarian KC-390 Military Transport Aircraft

Text: Ministry of Defence |  12:42 February 9, 2024

The first Embraer KC-390 military transport aircraft of the Hungarian Defence Forces took off in Brazil on 8 February. According to the plans, the aircraft will be delivered to Hungary this year. By using this type of Brazilian aircraft that attracts increasing attention worldwide, the HDF are acquiring a new capability in the field of military air transport.


Mobility is a fundamental demand of all armed forces, and it makes air transport development increasingly necessary besides land transport. The complexity and expansion of logistical tasks justify the use of military transport aircraft up to par, with high transport capacity.

The HDF will procure two state-of-the-art KC-390 military transport aircraft in 2024 due to the withdrawal of the AN-26 military transport aircraft from service and the increasing demand for military transport.

With the KC-390, the HDF will own capabilities unprecedented in the field of military air transport. The Hungarian version of the aircraft that can carry a payload of even 26 tonnes will be suitable for air-to-air refuelling, precision air drop and for accommodating stretchers for taking care of patients/casualties who need intensive care.

With the first successful take-off of the aircraft, a series of aerial tests has begun, and in the meantime, the training of HDF personnel is already in progress at the EMBRAER training centre so that the technology arriving in Hungary in 2024 can be received properly.

Press release of the Ministry of Defence