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The peace of our region comes first

Hungarian and Serbian defence policy directors meet in Budapest

Text: honvedelem.hu | Photo: WO Lajos Szabó |  16:20 May 22, 2023

On 17–18 May, MoD Deputy State Secretary for Defence Policy László Hajnik received in Budapest Predrag Bandic, Acting Assistant Minister of Defence Policy of the Serbian Ministry of Defence.

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Predrag Bandic paid a courtesy call to MoD State Secretary for Defence Strategy and Human Resources Policy Gábor Gion. During their discussion, the State Secretary emphasized the significance of the Serbian–Hungarian ties – which have been on an outstanding level historically as well –, the good neighborly relations as well as the contribution to regional and global peace. The Serbian defence policy director thanked Hungary for its active engagement. Gábor Gion assured the Serbian side that Hungary continues to consider it a priority to ensure the security and stability of the Western Balkan region.

During their meeting, the Hungarian and Serbian defence policy directors discussed the main security policy issues such as the regional security situation of the Western Balkan region, its current challenges as well as Hungary’s role in ongoing operations in the region. The two sides agreed that preserving the security and stability of the Western Balkans is in our primary interest. At present, the regional security situation is stable but fragile.

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László Hajnik pointed out that one proof of the Hungarian commitment to the security of the region is that our country also assumes an active role in the NATO-led KFOR mission in Kosovo and the EUFOR Operation Althea in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Hungarian and the Serbian defence policy directors reviewed the main defence policy aspects of the war in Ukraine and the current state of Serbia’s efforts aimed at European integration. Deputy State Secretary László Hajnik emphasized that our country consistently supports Serbia’s accession to the European Union because Serbia’s integration is in the security and economic interests not only of Hungary but also of the European Union.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the current state of bilateral military and defence cooperation as well as the possibilities for its further development. The defence policy directors concluded that the cooperation is excellent, intensive and many-sided. They emphasized that both sides are firmly committed to the maintenance of strategic dialogue and to the further development of bilateral cooperation.

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