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Weapons Intelligence Teams attack the network

Text: Levente Petróczy | Photo: Tünde Rácz |  11:31 October 2, 2023

The International Training Branch of the HDF NCO Academy is holding an International Weapons Intelligence Team (WIT) Course for 19 soldiers from 14 NATO member states. On 27 September, in the organization of the NATO C-IED Centre of Excellence, the course participants were practicing Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) techniques at Csobánka.


The objective of the three-week training is to develop the preparedness of WIT operators and team leaders up to the level meeting NATO standards. In order to counter the threat of IEDs, NATO assists its member states with developing their capabilities, thereby increasing their defence against enemy forces.

The soldiers participating in this year’s course investigated objects and traces found on incident sites in several fictitious situations, following coordinated blasts located at various points.

In the first situation, the enemy forces ambushed a foot patrol by using a claymore directional fragmentation charge (DFC) to cause injuries. On the next incident site, the attackers blew up a car used by the local forces, and finally, an improvised frag grenade detonated after being dropped from a drone.


“The course participants are allowed to start the training session only after the EOD technicians have secured the area. After that, depending on the tasks, they begin to explore the events to find out the kind of device used in the blast and the intention behind it. Additionally, they find out the kind of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by the enemy in order to annihilate the allied forces”, said about the course Sergeant First Class Sándor Solymár, an NCO trainer of the International Training Branch.

The soldiers utilized the knowledge and practical skills they acquired over the three weeks during an exercise at Csobánka, and then the International Training Branch evaluated the task execution. Those soldiers who successfully complete the course will be able to use what they have learnt in Hungary during NATO’s Attack the Network activities.