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Cooperation is the Future

Text: Ferenc Antal | Photo: Ákos Pintér |  11:20 April 29, 2024

Both parties can benefit from the cooperation of the armed forces and the defence industry – emphasized Lieutenant General Ferenc Kajári, Deputy Chief, HDF General Staff at the closing day of the Budapest Security Dialogue conference held in Budapest on 27 April.


During a panel discussion held with the title “Development of Modern Strong Defence Forces in Cooperation with Defence Industry”, while speaking about the cooperation between modern and combat-ready armed forces and the defence industry, Lieutenant General Ferenc Kajári recalled the National Defence and Armed Forces Development program launched in 2016, which has aimed at the comprehensive development of the Hungarian Defence Forces. Among others, he talked about the strategic goals set out in the program, the military professional aspects as well as the planning and procurement processes as a result of which the Hungarian armed forces have received world-class military equipment. He stated that powerful, combat-ready forces must always be equipped with cutting-edge hardware, which can only be achieved through continuous research and development.

According to Lieutenant General Ferenc Kajári, there are two approaches to fulfilling procurement needs: one is when the military purchases all the equipment available on the market, and the other is when procurement is preceded by a careful planning process. He noted that a good example of the former is when the Hungarian Defence Forces purchased several items of equipment in the mid-90s that have become obsolete with the passing of time due to lack of maintenance and component parts. He underlined that “the other approach – that is, the goal set in the National Defence and Armed Forces Development Program – is to develop the Hungarian defence industry beyond the establishment of combat-ready forces with modern equipment”.


In what followed, the Deputy Chief of Defence went on listing those circumstances that make cooperation between the armed forces and the industry optimal. For example, one such requirement is the manufacturing and delivery of products ordered by the military under the terms of the contract and a flexible follow-up process – since, if the purchased equipment needs modification or development, then these demands must be fulfilled in time –, as well as the working out of a comprehensive operational and maintenance plan, so that the items of equipment can spend the shortest possible time under repair and do not get withdrawn from service for too long due to various logistical issues. In conclusion, Lieutenant General Ferenc Kajári underscored that cooperation “is a must for success” for both parties – the military and the industry –, and that they will find a way for working together to achieve the desired good results in the future.

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