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Focusing on peace support operations cooperation

Text: Levente Petróczy | Photo: Sztaniszláv Horváth |  16:59 November 28, 2023

The HDF Peace Support Training Centre has recently conducted the Peace Support Operations Cooperation Course (PSOCC) on the seventh occasion. On 24 November, at the closing ceremony of the two-week training, 24 course participants from 14 nations received their certificates.

Apart from the twenty-three foreign students who came from Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Serbia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Türkiye, one Hungarian soldier participated in the training event that started on 13 November. The three-man Hungarian instructor team was supported by instructors from Bosnia–Herzegovina, Finland and Slovakia.

“I am convinced that you all have undergone comprehensive training, and the special knowledge you have acquired here will empower e all of you to well serve your homeland and the allied forces. I believe that you are already well-prepared officers and NCOs who are suitable for coordination, cooperation and liaison tasks among the different actors of foreign missions conducted under the aegis of the UN, the EU, the OSCE and any other organizations”, said Colonel Barnabás Tóth, Chief of Staff, HDF Force Modernization and Transformation Command at the closing ceremony.

ptsc 04

The colonel pointed out that the core purpose of the training events is to increase the effectiveness of local operations, and therefore the courses, discussions and exchanges of experience related to coordination, cooperation and liaison tasks have assumed outstanding importance.

In answer to our question, Course Director Major Lajos Asztalos told us that during the two-week course, the students had learned how to cooperate with interpreters as well as national and international organizations, and have acquired the relevant necessary knowledge. “As liaison officers, you will be able to use the knowledge acquired here at any spot around the world”, this is how the major summarized the essence of the training.