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sport allamtitkarsag 03

Anti-doping fight has an outstanding role in Hungary

13:17 October 12, 2023

The anti-doping monitoring group of the Council of Europe recently paid a visit to the Ministry of Defence State Secretariat for Sport, where its members were introduced to Hungary’s anti-doping activities in the framework of professional days. Speaking about the visit, Secretary of State for Sports Dr. Ádám Schmidt pointed out that our country plays an outstanding role in the anti-doping fight on an international scale as well.

izraeli mentoakcio 08

Hungarian air force evacuates 325 people from Israel in governmental rescue operation

12:38 October 9, 2023

During the night, the Hungarian air force evacuated altogether 325 people – including 46 children – from Israel aboard three aircraft, in the framework of a governmental rescue operation, announced Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó on Monday, 9 October in Budapest.

NATO legiforgalmi iranyitok 03

NATO Air Traffic Management Advisors meet in Hungary

11:41 October 9, 2023

Drawing a great interest, the NATO Air Traffic Management CNS Advisory Group is holding its 2023 autumn meeting with the participation of air navigation experts from 22 nations in Budapest on 5-6 October. Having accepted our country’s offer, the group is meeting outside the Brussels headquarters of the North Atlantic Alliance for the first time in its history.

deci 04

Defence Cooperation Initiative expands with North Macedonia

11:13 October 6, 2023

This year, Croatia hosted the 11th CHODs’ Meeting of the Defence Cooperation Initiative (DECI) between 3–4 October. Organized for the 11th time, the meeting held in Zagreb saw a new member, North Macedonia joining the Italy-led cooperation initiative that now brings together eight countries.

koszonet_a_helikopteres_segitsegert 02

Saying thanks for the helicopter assistance

15:36 September 28, 2023

Slovenian ambassador to Budapest Dr. Marjan Cencen recently paid a visit to the Hungarian Defence Forces 86th Helicopter Wing to personally say thanks for the Hungarian assistance to Slovenia during one of the major natural disasters that had hit his country.

nato delegacio 05

NATO delegation from SHAPE

15:29 September 28, 2023

The NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) National Military Representatives are staying in Hungary. The delegation was welcomed by Major General Ferenc Kajári, Deputy Chief of the HDF General Staff on 26 September.

libanoni valtas 11

Rotation of Hungarian peacekeepers in Lebanon

11:38 September 6, 2023

The second Hungarian troop rotation of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in 2023 is already on its way. Following the loading of equipment early in the morning in Petőfi barracks, Budapest, the soldiers boarded a plane taking off from Kecskemét to fly to the area of operations on 5 September.

Kincsem - KG 12

Kincsem Park has regained its former luster

12:26 September 5, 2023

Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky presented the trophy of the Kincsem Stakes at the Kincsem+ TUTI International Horse and Greyhound Racing Festival and Food Truck Show in Kincsem Park, Budapest on Saturday, 2 September. On the day of flat races (gallop), which was attended by several military attachés as well, the guests were given an insight into not only equestrian sports but also the life of the Hungarian Defence Forces.


New commander, unchanged objectives

11:24 August 1, 2023

Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C) has a new commander in the person of Brigadier General Tibor Králik. On Monday, 31 July Croatian Major General Denis Tretinjak passed the command to the Slovakian general in Alba Regia barracks, Székesfehérvár.

64c4dd9d4dfa8835846284 borito

Hungarian parachute team on the rostrum

13:43 July 31, 2023

The national parachute team of the Hungarian Defence Forces continued its participation at the third venue of the accuracy landing Parachute World Cup Series in Klatovy, Czechia. This year, the series was organized for the first time in the Czech Republic, where the impressive venue called Skydive Pink Klatovy is known as the citadel of Czech parachuting.