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Hungary is a recognized and esteemed member of NATO

Text: honvedelem.hu / MTI | Photo: Ministry of Defence |  09:28 July 13, 2023

“At the two-day Vilnius NATO Summit, we worked out NATO’s new defence posture, in which Hungary has an important and indispensable role to play”, wrote Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky on his social media page on 12 July.

miniszter vilnius

He noted that this year Hungary already achieved the 2% of GDP defence spending, and next year’s budget will also have this amount in relation to GDP. He added that Hungary is performing well in foreign missions such as KFOR and international air policing tasks that are being conducted together with other NATO member countries, and also continues the development of its armed forces according to schedule. He pointed out that Hungary contributes a battle group to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank, and operates the Székesfehérvár-based Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C).

“Defence industry was also on the agenda of the meeting, the development of which in the framework of NATO has become highly significant, also due to the war. Hungary is performing well in this regard, too”, he noted.

Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky said that the issue of the war in Ukraine was another topic of discussion. “Hungary’s position accords with that of NATO, as we are not delivering lethal equipment, are not participating or plunging into the war and are avoiding its escalation as well”, he said, adding that this time, Ukraine was not invited to join NATO, “since neither the situation nor Ukraine are ready for the country to become a member of NATO”. He told the press that Hungary is sticking to its position, urging immediate ceasefire and peace talks.

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