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“Preserving their memory is our collective duty and heritage”

Text: Eszter Bányász | Photo: Szebáld Szakál |  09:37 October 13, 2023

On 11 October, altogether 85 German soldiers killed in action in the Second World War were placed to eternal rest in the German–Hungarian Military Cemetery and Peace Park of Budaörs. The ongoing cooperation between the Hungarian Ministry of Defence and the German War Graves Commission (Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge) – which has facilitated the reburial – already has a 30-year history.


Lieutenant Colonel Roland Maruzs, Deputy Commander, MoD Military History Institute and Museum delivered a welcome speech, in which he emphasized that “we have come here because we believe that by being here, we serve the cause of peace and understanding among nations”. He also said that mutual understanding among nations and the respect for traditional European values are of primary importance in preserving our culture and history.

“These military cemeteries link us together, as they did not only close, once and for all, the destinies of those who had fallen, but also changed forever the destinies of those who were left behind”, pointed out Lieutenant Colonel Maruzs, adding that the fate of the German soldiers buried here got intertwined with Hungarian history, and for this reason, preserving their memory is our collective duty and heritage.


“Thank you for participating in this ceremony and showing that we must keep the remembrance of the age of the world wars alive”, this was how Tore May, a member of the Presidential Board of the German War Graves Commission started his words of welcome. In his speech, he also emphasized that besides the fallen heroes and their relatives, it is also very important to remember the orphans and the war invalids, who “stand in the shadow of history and historiography”.

“Remembrance tells us stories, being itself history, too, after all. We need this so much indeed, since people, nations and alliances would lose their future in the absence of history”, said Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Passbach. The German defence attaché added that remembrance is associated with gratitude. “Without the sacrifices of the past, there would have been no chance for the view of humanity and concept of democracy to develop so saliently in our cultural sphere. We must always fight for the values connected to them and for today’s ethical system of coordinates! Contributing to the defence of freedom and peace is our moral duty towards our dead”, said Lieutenant Colonel Passbach in concluding his ceremonial speech.

After a wreath-laying ceremony held at the main cross, the event ended to the sounds of the Hungarian Last Post.