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Eszter Bányász


Lords of the Sky

15:22 July 15, 2024

Seven days of intense competition, outstanding sports results, changing wind, old and new friendships – the 46th CISM World Military Parachuting Championship in Szolnok has ended. The Hungarian national team has achieved a really nice result as it won the bronze medal in the team accuracy landing category, while Warrant Officer Tamás Varga from the HDF 86th Helicopter Wing Special Parachuting Training Centre came in second in individual accuracy landing.

medevac eufor szarajevo.rt (4)

EUFOR: Coordinated Hungarian Rescue Team

14:50 June 11, 2024

Several work fields must be coordinated so that the MEDEVAC capabilities, provided by Hungarian soldiers, in EUFOR Operation Althea in Bosnia and Herzegovina can work properly as a perfect machine. Besides the air crew members and the MEDEVAC team, air traffic controllers and members of the engineering support personnel also take the lion’s share in efficient rescue operations.

dr. sticz laszlo vezerornagy, az eufor parancsnoka.rt  (nyitó)

“I Represent 23 Nations”

16:01 June 7, 2024

Major General László Sticz PhD has been the Commander of the EU’s peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, EUFOR Operation Althea for nearly six months. We asked him about the first half of his one-year assignment.


Multinational Life-Saving

11:35 May 9, 2024

The Romanian MEDEVAC helicopter is taking off to transport simulated, moulaged German casualties. There is a presumption of infection, so the converted Black Hawk is yet to land, when the workstation of the British Casualty Decontamination Area (CDA) is already established – working intensely, its personnel have set up their tents in approximately ten minutes. After the screening, the casualties are transported in a Belgian ambulance to the tent of the US Role-2-Enhanced (R2E) medical treatment facility (MTF). This is Vigorous Warrior 2024, NATO’s only military medical exercise.


Freight unloaded

12:11 May 2, 2024

The German-Hungarian bilateral Exercise Safety Transport 2024 has successfully ended. The soldiers of the Hungarian Defence Forces and the Bundeswehr transported more than 20 containers from Grafenwöhr, Germany to the HDF 47th Air Base in Pápa, Hungary, where they were successfully unloaded on 29 April.

2024.04.22. NATO_megnyitoTZ_nyitó

Doctrine: fixed point in a changing world

14:31 April 25, 2024

The NATO Allied Joint Doctrine Development Course is organized in Hungary for the sixth time, between 22 and 25 April. The significance of this course lies primarily in its being the only platform within the defensive Alliance for training doctrine custodians and developers.

20240412_EU_Katonai_Bizottság_elnök_NKE_SZL (e_0)

Exemplary Commitment to Security and Defence Policy

17:10 April 15, 2024

Austrian General Robert Brieger, Chairman of the European Union Military Committee (CEUMC) recently paid a visit to Hungary. The high-ranking military diplomat held discussions with Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó and General Gábor Böröndi PhD, Chief of HDF General Staff.


Rheinmetall: Production, Development and Testing

14:33 April 8, 2024

The personnel of the HDF 30th Mechanized Infantry Brigade got a unique insight into the domestic production process of the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle while visiting the Rheinmetall plant in Zalaegerszeg on 3 April.

EUFOR_MEDEVAC_KB_főhadnagy (0)

Choreography for saving lives

15:01 March 18, 2024

In 2024, as the lead nation providing the commander of EUFOR, Hungary stood up a team for the Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) capability of the mission. We talked with Lieutenant Colonel Attila Dajka, Commander, EUFOR Althea Aviation Detachment and Lieutenant (MD) Dr. Levente Forgács, a doctor of the detachment about the details of pre-deployment training for the mission and the circumstances of service abroad.


Ongoing Austro-Hungarian cooperation with joint training events

15:44 March 8, 2024

“Austria and Hungary are distinguished partners, with constant cooperation and exchange of experience since the change of regime” – underlined General Dr. Gábor Böröndi, Chief of HDF General Staff, at the meeting of the Austrian and the Hungarian Chiefs of Defence in Tata on 7 March.