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Wreaths laid in memory of soldiers fallen on Hungarian soil

Text: Marcell Burillák | Photo: László Kertész |  10:19 November 3, 2023

“Here lie next to each other Turks, Bulgarians, Poles, Italians, Romanians and Hungarians, among others”, this was said on 2 November in the Budapest New Public Cemetery at a funerary wreath-laying ceremony organized by the MoD Department of Military Heritage on the occasion of All Souls’ Day, in memory of Hungarian and foreign soldiers who had fallen on Hungarian soil.

“There are no families in Hungary that have not been affected by any of the world wars, no families without an old photo depicting one of their loved ones who will be missed forever, no families that have become complete as a whole again”, this was what Colonel Norbert Vadászi, Deputy Commander, HDF vitéz Szurmay Sándor Budapest Garrison Brigade said in paying tribute to the fallen soldiers on behalf of the Hungarian Defence Forces General Staff.

The commemorators laid their wreaths in the New Public Cemetery of Rákoskeresztúr, Budapest, by the statue of the praying soldier. Tamás Horváth, Head of Department of Military Heritage paid his respects to the deceased on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, whereas Colonel Vadászi did so on behalf of the Hungarian Defence Forces. Besides members of the Budapest Military Attaché Corps, also present at the event were representatives of several non-governmental organizations and military re-enactment associations supporting the cause of national defence.

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“The soldiers – whose vocation is the noblest and the most beautiful, as they serve their nation and thereby their compatriots rather than their own glory – swear in their oath of service to defend those entrusted to them even at the cost of their lives. Today, we observe a moment of silence to the ones who sacrificed themselves for their homeland in the line of duty”, said the colonel.

Organized by the MoD Department of Military Heritage, the series of commemorative events on 2 November continued with a candlelight vigil and memorial service in Buda Castle. The keywords of the day are respect and forgiveness, since there are no enemies in death. Regardless of their nationality, the final respects are due to all men for their sacrifice.