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László Kertész

202405_Bakony_Carl_Gustaf_PzH_lövészet (nyitó)

Guns in action

16:58 May 23, 2024

Within the framework of the multinational Exercise Brave Warrior 2024, soldiers conducted live firing training in the Bakony Hills with Carl Gustaf recoilless rifles and PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers.

202405_Brave_Warrior_MEDEVAC_tatai_dandár (nyitó)

Coordinated Tactical Combat Casualty Care

11:36 May 22, 2024

In the CREVAL (Combat Readiness Evaluation) conducted during Exercise Brave Warrior 2024, the treatment of battle wounds and MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) are distinguished tasks, which were successfully carried out – according to the acquired procedure – by the soldiers of the NATO Forward Land Forces Battle Group (FLF BG).

202405_Brave_Warrior_CREVAL_MSZ_KL (nyitó)

Excellent in Military Tactics

11:29 May 22, 2024

The personnel of the NATO Forward Land Forces Battle Group (FLF BG) recently proved their skills at the complex tactical exercises of the NATO CREVAL (Combat Readiness Evaluation) conducted during the ongoing Exercise Brave Warrior 2024 in Hungary.


The First 24 Hours in Pictures

10:11 May 21, 2024

The most difficult 72 hours of Exercise Brave Warrior 2024 being conducted in Hungary is the NATO Combat Readiness Evaluation of Land Headquarters and Units (CREVAL). Below are the first 24 hours of the soldiers of the NATO Forward Land Forces Battle Group (NATO FLF BG HUN) in pictures.

202405_Brave_Warrior_FLF_BG_tatai_dandár (nyitó)

Complex Demonstration

16:09 May 14, 2024

Within the framework of Exercise Brave Warrior 2024, the Hungarian rifle company of the NATO Forward Land Forces Battle Group (NATO FLF BG) recently demonstrated its capabilities during a complex tactical training event conducted on the Kőröshegy shooting range of the Bakony Hills military training area.

202405_Brave_Warrior_tatai_dandár (16)

Under continuous training

11:56 May 14, 2024

During the multinational Exercise Brave Warrior 2024, training events are taking place one after the other in the Bakony Hills.

20240319szlovakmagyarvkf_klac (6)

Developing Slovakian–Hungarian Cooperation

14:11 March 20, 2024

“At the Slovakian–Hungarian border meeting, we discussed the two countries’ NATO engagement in detail. We also covered some possibilities for joint engagement in terms of training and foreign missions, which are open for both national armed forces” – emphasized General Dr. Gábor Böröndi, Chief of HDF General Staff at the Slovakian–Hungarian meeting of chiefs of defence in Tata on Tuesday, 19 March.

20240312_Szomód_harcjármű-bemutató_éleslövészet_KL (0)

In Alliance

11:13 March 18, 2024

Hungary joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization 25 years ago and is a reliable and recognized member of the Alliance. On the occasion of the anniversary, the NATO Forward Land Forces Multinational Battlegroup held a dynamic combat vehicle display and carried out a live-firing exercise with Hungarian, Italian and Croatian soldiers. The state-of-the-art devices of the Hungarian Defence Forces were displayed, such as the Gidrán tactical vehicles, SAAB Gripen fighter aircraft and several Leopard 2A7HU third-generation main battle tanks.

Ambassador of Egypt KLAC5747 (4)_nyitó

Discussion on the further development of Egyptian–Hungarian relations

09:14 February 23, 2024

On 20 February, in the Ministry of Defence, MoD State Secretary for Defence Policy, Force Development and Defence Industry Dr. Zsolt Kutnyánszky received Mohamed Ibrahim El Shinawy, Egypt’s ambassador accredited to Budapest.


Serving for peace with pride

10:52 January 16, 2024

On Monday, 15 January Major General László Sticz PhD, the first Hungarian leader of EUFOR Operation Althea arrived in the area of operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Speaking about the Hungarian commander’s year, he said that Hungary’s engagement is our pride, and at the same time, a proof that our country takes seriously the security of the Western Balkans.