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Parliament approves sending of Hungarian military mission to Chad

Text: honvedelem.hu/MTI | Photo: archives, Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky’s Facebook page |  11:19 November 8, 2023

On 6 November the National Assembly of Hungary approved the sending of a military mission in Chad, in the framework of which a maximum of 200 troops would serve in the African country starting from the spring of 2024.


The MPs passed the motion on the mission by 143 votes in favor, 30 against and two abstentions, with two-thirds majority.

Under the adopted resolution – noting that Hungary is interested in the international efforts to promote peace and security and in the fight against terrorism, in view of the interest in reducing the pressure of illegal migration on Europe, strengthening the stability of the Sahel and thereby increasing the security of the Trans-Atlantic region, as well as noting the letter of invitation by the President of Chad – the National Assembly gives its approval for the stationing – in the area of Chad, until 31 December 2025 – of a maximum 200-strong (400-strong in rotation periods) military contingent of the Hungarian Defence Forces with the necessary military assets, weaponry and equipment, in the interest of performing advisory, support and battlefield mentoring tasks, protecting the Hungarian citizens staying there and the local Hungarian interests, as well as supporting the fight against terrorism.

According to the justification of the resolution, through its role in Chad, Hungary contributes to the fight against terrorism as well as to terminating the root causes of illegal migration. Due to terrorism and migration, the deteriorating security situation of certain African countries may have a negative impact on Europe and through it on Hungary as well. This mission is in accordance with the efforts aimed at handling security problems in the source countries where they arise, laying the emphasis on prevention.

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