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Zsolt Barthel-Rúzsa

20:09 April 29, 2023

The Government is Dedicated to Supporting Sports

13:18 May 7, 2024

The government has always been dedicated to supporting sports, which can be seen from the introduction of everyday PE lessons and the launch of the Sporting Nation Program – said Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky in the Puskás Aréna stadium on Monday, the Hungarian Sports Day, at the conference called “Diplomacy in Sports and Sports in Diplomacy”.


The Hungarian and the Turkish Armed Forces are Planning Cooperation in Further Fields

12:47 May 6, 2024

General Dr. Gábor Böröndi, Chief of HDF General Staff, recently received his Turkish counterpart, General Metin Gürak – who visited Hungary for the first time – at a bilateral chiefs of defence meeting.


Another step in the cooperation between VIKI and SAAB

12:57 May 3, 2024

The statement of cooperation has been issued between the Defense Innovation Research Institute (VIKI) operating under the Ministry of Defence and the Swedish SAAB Group, including the schedule of concrete steps for the collective work – this was recently announced by Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky.

20240429_Safety_Fuel_SZK_06 copy

Maximum hose capacity

14:13 May 2, 2024

Not a single drop can fall on the ground of the 150 thousand liters of fuel that is being handled by fuel supply specialist soldiers during the setting up, operation and dismantling of a Bulk Fuel Installation (BFI). Within the framework of structured cooperation, the German-Hungarian fuel supply Exercise Safety Fuel is held every year. The multinational personnel go on the exercise to work together from mid-April to the end of May.

202404_Felkészülés_Golde_Sabre_gyakorlatra_KTRBN (nyitó)

Cross-Training Before the Golden Sabre

12:35 May 2, 2024

A cross-training event was recently conducted with the KFOR Regional Command-West multinational Kinetic Battalion and the KFOR Tactical Reserve Battalion (KTRBN) personnel in Camp Vrelo, Kosovo.


Freight unloaded

12:11 May 2, 2024

The German-Hungarian bilateral Exercise Safety Transport 2024 has successfully ended. The soldiers of the Hungarian Defence Forces and the Bundeswehr transported more than 20 containers from Grafenwöhr, Germany to the HDF 47th Air Base in Pápa, Hungary, where they were successfully unloaded on 29 April.


We Are Strengthening the HDF because We Want Peace

15:21 April 29, 2024

“We are strengthening the Hungarian Defence Forces because we want peace, we have something to protect: we have families, a home country, a home and a nation” – said Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky in his closing speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference Hungary (CAPC Hungary) in Budapest on Friday, 26 April.


Military Attachés at the University of Public Service

13:53 April 29, 2024

The representatives of the Budapest Military Attaché Corps (BMAC) visited the Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training at the University of Public Service and the HDF Ludovika Battalion on 24 April. The delegation listened to several lectures about the courses and the training, visited the campus, saw the state-of-the-art equipment of the university and met officer cadets.

20240419_atlanti tanács_nyitó

Maintaining peace calls for dialogue

13:08 April 29, 2024

Prompted by the experience of a crisis of values and conflicts of interests in the transatlantic region, the Hungarian Atlantic Council is working to support the preservation and strengthening of the idea of Atlanticism in Hungarian society and also beyond our borders. The presidency of the organization gave an interview to the press in relation with its upcoming May 7 international conference.


Continuing development of the armed forces

12:59 April 29, 2024

“Since 2016, we have taken a huge step forward on the path of armed forces development, but this is not enough. The biggest challenge for us still consists in changing our way of thinking. Today, we spend more than 2% of our GDP on defence, therefore we have the political will and the financial resources available for transforming our armed forces”, said General Gábor Böröndi PhD, Chief of HDF General Staff at the forum of the April 26 conference.