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General Dr. Gábor Böröndi

16:43 May 2, 2023

G e n e r a l  G á b o r  B Ö R Ö N D I  P h D .

Chief of Defence Staff - Hungarian Defence Forces

Born in Kaposvár on 6th April 1971, General Gábor Böröndi PhD. is married with three children. Having graduated at Kossuth Lajos Military Academy in 1992, as a mechanized infantry officer, he was posted to the 26th Mechanized Infantry Brigade in Lenti, where he served as the Platoon Leader, Company Commander and Battalion Executive Officer in consecutive order. In 1996, on leaving Lenti to his new position at the 4th Mechanized Division Command, located in Székesfehérvár, he began his studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Miskolc and graduated in 2001.

Beginning in 1997, he was deployed to the UNFICYP HQ as OPS officer for a one-year period. His career continued at the Ministry of Defence (Budapest) between 1999 and 2006. During this phase, he was promoted to Major, then Lieutenant Colonel and finally Colonel reaching the position of Head of Department of Defence Planning through the position of the Head Secretariat of State Secretary. He served his second tour in 2002 when deployed to SFOR MSU as LNO. In 2003, he was selected to deploy as the first Hungarian soldier in Afghanistan to ISAF HQ as J-3 OPS officer. For a brief time, by utilizing his own experiences gained abroad, he led the PSO Department of the Operations Command Centre of the Hungarian Defence Forces.

In 2007, he was assigned to be the Deputy Commander of the 5th Bocskai István Infantry Brigade, located in Debrecen. The same year, he started his 2nd tour in Afghanistan at the ISAF HQ as HUN NMR. In 2009, he took over the Commander position of the 5th Bocskai István Light Infantry Brigade. He was appointed to be the Chief of Land Forces (Deputy Commander) of the Joint Force Command of the Hungarian Defence Forces in 2013. In 2017, he completed his studies at the National War College of National Defence University in Washington, USA. From 2018 as Major General, he served as the Chief J-3, (Deputy Chief of Defence for Operations) General Staff of the Hungarian Defence Forces until his appointment to Deputy Commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces (DCHOD) with the rank of Lieutenant General, in 2019.

In the summer of 2021, he was appointed to the Military Representative of Hungary to the NATO and EU, which took up to his new assignment to Hungarian Chief of Defence Staff on 4th May 2023. On the recommendation of the Minister of Defence he was promoted to the rank of General on 20th August 2023. Between 2017-2021, he was responsible for developing the Digital Soldier Program while he was the Military Supervisor of the Zrínyi Defence and Military Development Program.

General Böröndi’s national and international decorations and awards, among numerous, including the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic Knight’s Cross, the Order of Merit of France and the Legion of Merit of The United States of America.


Lords of the Sky

15:22 July 15, 2024

Seven days of intense competition, outstanding sports results, changing wind, old and new friendships – the 46th CISM World Military Parachuting Championship in Szolnok has ended. The Hungarian national team has achieved a really nice result as it won the bronze medal in the team accuracy landing category, while Warrant Officer Tamás Varga from the HDF 86th Helicopter Wing Special Parachuting Training Centre came in second in individual accuracy landing.


Champions of the Air on the Podium

15:10 July 15, 2024

“During the past few days, we witnessed a competition where the most excellent paratroopers of the world were competing to test their preparedness and technical skills, and they have brought us the excitement and beauty of this special sport.” – this was how Lieutenant General Ferenc Kajári, Deputy Chief, HDF General Staff said farewell to the participants of the 46th CISM World Military Parachuting Championship at the RepTár in Szolnok on 12 July. The national sports teams of more than 30 countries whose members performed best in the overall results lined up to stand on the podium and worthily say goodbye to the ten days they had spent in Hungary, rich in experiences and successes.


Hungarian and American SOF soldiers conduct joint exercise

14:13 July 15, 2024

The joint exercise of Hungarian and American Special Operations Forces (SOF) groups has recently ended. This time, the emphasis was on the execution of complex tactical tasks. The participants also separately practiced a number of important procedures, for example, parachute jumps.


General Dr. Gábor Böröndi holds discussion with U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

14:07 July 15, 2024

Within the framework of the NATO Summit in Washington D. C., General Dr. Gábor Böröndi, Chief of HDF General Staff held a discussion with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff U. S. General Charles Q. Brown Jr. General Brown met with eight chiefs of defence of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to discuss with them the challenges ahead of NATO.


They have arrived for a stormy live firing exercise

13:59 July 15, 2024

The foreign units participating in Exercise Jolly Vihar 24 – the 56th and 57th Rescue Squadrons and the 56th Rescue Generation Squadron of the U.S. Air Force – have arrived at the Hungarian Defence Forces 47th Air Base in Pápa, Hungary.

Olimpiai résztvevők_nyitó_jav

Twenty-three Military Athletes at the Paris Olympics

13:54 July 15, 2024

The Hungarian national team participating in the Paris Olympic Games recently took the Olympic Oath in Budapest two and a half weeks before the opening ceremony, to be held on 26 July. During the oath, Captain Tamás Lőrincz, Olympic champion wrestler of the HDF Sports Company, held the Hungarian flag as among the 180 Hungarian participants, 23 military athletes will represent Hungary in the French capital.


NATO is ready and able to defend itself and its members

12:21 July 15, 2024

NATO is still the world’s strongest defence alliance, which is ready and able to defend itself and its members, the defence minister said after the summit of NATO heads of state and government in Washington, DC, adding that in 2024, the 75th year of its existence, the defence Alliance has to face more numerous and significant security challenges than ever before.


NATO Medal for Hungarian soldiers serving in Iraq

08:51 July 10, 2024

The Hungarian soldiers serving with the Signals Support Group (SSG) of the NATO Mission Iraq Headquarters (NMI HQ) received their NATO Mission Iraq Non-Article 5 medals at the end of their four-and-a-half-month tour of duty in Baghdad on 5 July.


The Goal is Always the Podium

16:23 July 5, 2024

Hungary is a country full of sports talents and it can also be seen in the Hungarian Defence Forces as the parachuting team is among the best in the world, said Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence Tamás Vargha in Szolnok on 3 July.


EU Presidency: Responsibility and Unique Opportunity at Once for the Hungarian Defence Forces from the Strategic Level to the Tactical One

13:07 July 5, 2024

Hungary is taking over the presidency of the Council of the European Union in a critical period when we have to navigate in a complex security environment and when defence is occupying a distinguished place in the EU’s agenda, said General Dr. Gábor Böröndi, Chief of HDF General Staff, at the Embassy of Hungary in Brussels on Wednesday, 3 July. Upon the proposal of the Hungarian presidency, the representatives of the EU Military Committee will not negotiate in Brussels but in a member state for the first time in the EU’s history; thus, Hungary will host this high-ranking event in October.