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Lieutenant General Attila Géza Takács

12:14 June 6, 2023

Date of rank: 15. March 2020

Personal information:

  • Date of birth: 27. April 1968. Miskolc
  • Family Status: married, one child
  • Nationality: Hungarian


  • 2015 NATO Defense College
  • 2008 NATO School (CREVAL)
  • 2006-2007 Military Senior Leader course at the Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University
  • 1997-1999 Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University 
  • 1992 COY Leader Course in Switzerland 
  • 1986-1989  Kossuth Lajos Military College in Szentendre - mechanized infantry faculty


  • 2011-2013 Hungarian Defence Forces, National Military Representative, (Colonel) - MONS (Belgium) 
  • 2001-2002 HDF KFOR Guard and Security Battalion in Pristina commander (Lieutenant Colonel)

Military Career:

  • 2023 – Deputy Chief of Defence Staff
  • 2022 – 2023 Defence Attaché (Major General) London
  • 2020 – 2022 Hungarian Defence Forces Command, Army Inspectorate, Inspector (Major General) - Budapest 
  • 2016 – 2019 Hungarian Defence Forces, Military Augmentation, Preparation and Training Command, Commander (Brigadier General) - Budapest
  • 2013 – 2016 Hungarian Defence Forces, 5th Bocskai István Infantry Brigade, Commander (Brigadier General) - Debrecen 
  • 2010 – 2013 Hungarian Defence Forces, National Military Representative, SHAPE Deputy of National Military Representative (Colonel) - MONS (Belgium)
  • 2008 – 2010 Hungarian Defence Forces Joint Force Command, Chief J3/J7, (Colonel) - Székesfehérvár 
  • 2005 – 2007 Hungarian Defence Forces 5th “Bocskai István” Light Infantry Brigade, Chief of Staff (Colonel) - Debrecen
  • 2003 – 2005 Hungarian Defence Forces 5th “Bocskai István” Light Infantry Brigade, DCOS OPS (Lieutenant Colonel) – Debrecen 
  • 1999 – 2002 Hungarian Defence Forces 5th “Bocskai István” Mechanized Infantry Brigade Chief G-3 (Major) – Debrecen 
  • 1995 – 1997 Hungarian Defence Forces 5th “Bocskai István” Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Battalion Commander (Captain) – Debrecen 
  • 1990 – 1995 Mechanized Brigade, Company Commander (1st Lieutenant) – Mezőtúr, Debrecen 
  • 1989 – 1990 Mechanized Brigade, Platoon Leader (2nd Lieutenant) - Nagykanizsa

Medals and Decorations:

  • 2020 “Ehrenkreuz der Bundeswehr” Gold grade
  • 2019 “Legion of Merit” (USA)
  • 2016 Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic Knight’s Cross
  • 2013  NATO Service Medal 
  • 2007 Service Decoration for Merit decorated with laurel wreath
  • 2000-2004 Service Decoration for Merit Gold, Silver, Bronze grade 
  • 2002 Service Medal for Peacekeeping (KOSOVO)
  • 1996, 2006, 2016 Officer’s Service Decoration (I. II. III)

Foreign languages:

  • English: STANAG 3333
  • German: Intermediate „A”
2024.05.09.rt.brwr24 gyakorlat (16)

The Bravest Warriors

15:24 May 14, 2024

“Large-scale military exercises like the present one are all about achieving the full spectrum of deployment capacities during training”, said Major István Böjti in his brief summary of the ambitious objectives of Exercise Brave Warrior 2024-I. What exactly are these capacities mentioned by the deputy commander of the Hungarian battle group component of the NATO Forward Land Forces Battle Group (NATO FLF BG)? Between 6-16 May, representatives of the participating nations are practicing CBRN and screening operations, reconnaissance, live firing and logistic tasks in the Bakony Hills.

20240506_EUFOR_katonai felsővezetői tanfolyam hallgatói_KB (nyitó)

A look at the Western Balkans theatre

15:16 May 14, 2024

The students of the military leadership specialization of the Ludovika – University of Public Service, Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training, General Staff Training Institute, Senior Military Leader Postgraduate University Level Programme recently paid a visit to Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina to gain first-hand experiences of the two international military missions conducted in the Western Balkans country, namely, EUFOR Althea – the operation of the European Union (EU) in Bosnia and Herzegovina – and the NATO Headquarters Sarajevo (NHQSa).


Hungary Has Started to Rebuild its Defence Industry in Good Time

15:07 May 14, 2024

Hungary has started to rebuild its defence industry in good time and with an appropriate strategy – said Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky on Friday, 10 May at the Hungarian Defense Industry Summit conference in the Bálna Defence Centre.


Attenzione! Fuoco!

12:01 May 14, 2024

On the fourth day of the multinational Exercise Brave Warrior 2024, an Italian rifle company of the NATO Forward Land Forces Battle Group (NATO FLF BG) carried out a live fire exercise (LFX) with armored Centauro Reconnaissance Anti-Tank Vehicles, towed 155mm FH-70 field howitzers, 120mm heavy mortars and Iveco LMV Light Multirole Vehicles as infantry fighting vehicles. In the afternoon, the main role in the Bakony Hills was being played by the Hungarian soldiers and their anti-armor Carl Gustaf M4 recoilless rifles, as the personnel declared to the FLF rifle company are continuously training for the Combat Readiness Evaluation of Land Headquarters and Units (CREVAL) validation exercise.

202405_Brave_Warrior_tatai_dandár (16)

Under continuous training

11:56 May 14, 2024

During the multinational Exercise Brave Warrior 2024, training events are taking place one after the other in the Bakony Hills.


Medical treatment quickly, precisely, on the move

15:20 May 9, 2024

“Soldiers either fight or train. We are now in the training phase. We hope we won’t need to use the knowledge accumulating here, but we must acquire it by all means”, said Major Máté Tóth on 7 May, the media day of the multinational military medical Exercise Vigorous Warrior held in the Bakonykút training area.


It Is Especially Important to Save Lives

12:38 May 9, 2024

“Wars cannot be won with weapons alone. It is also just as important to heal wounds and to save lives.” You are doing important work in this field – welcomed Deputy Minister Tamás Vargha, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence the participants of Vigorous Warrior 2024 in Bakonykúti, Hungary on 8 May. More than 1,500 representatives of 33 countries are participating in NATO’s largest military medical exercise to find common solutions and establish smooth professional communication with each other.


Multinational Life-Saving

11:35 May 9, 2024

The Romanian MEDEVAC helicopter is taking off to transport simulated, moulaged German casualties. There is a presumption of infection, so the converted Black Hawk is yet to land, when the workstation of the British Casualty Decontamination Area (CDA) is already established – working intensely, its personnel have set up their tents in approximately ten minutes. After the screening, the casualties are transported in a Belgian ambulance to the tent of the US Role-2-Enhanced (R2E) medical treatment facility (MTF). This is Vigorous Warrior 2024, NATO’s only military medical exercise.


Aircraft Arrive at Pápa in Several Waves

10:14 May 9, 2024

Exercise Swift Response, which puts NATO’s eastern flank in the centre, is part of Exercise Steadfast Defender 2024. At the forefront of Swift Response are those defence capabilities which help the NATO alliance system repel possible aggression from the East. Within the framework of the exercise, German and Dutch troops of the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Italy (NRDC-ITA) arrive at Pápa to participate in an airborne operation in Romania. Our crew captured the arrival of the aircraft at the HDF 47th Airbase.

20240506_Lengyelország_megemlékezés (nyitó)

The Holocaust Must Never Happen Again

14:43 May 7, 2024

The Holocaust was the largest tragedy in Hungarian society and the whole world, and we can never let it happen again – emphasized Tamás Vargha, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence at the former Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp on Monday, 6 May.