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Hungarian–Japanese cooperation: military medicine in focus

09:26 July 6, 2023

On 4 July, a delegation from the Ministry of Defence of Japan and the Embassy of Japan in Hungary paid a visit to the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (NATO MILMED COE). The guests were received by Colonel Dr. László Fazekas, Director, NATO MILMED COE.


Fuel supply specialists on Exercise Air Defender

10:22 June 23, 2023

The fuel supply specialist personnel deployed at Wunstorf Air Base, Germany of the HDF Material Supply Store Base (HDF MSSB) recently participated in Exercise Air Defender 2023, the largest air force drills in NATO’s history.


Strong bastion on international foundations

14:00 June 21, 2023

NATO’s command structure will become complete with the Székesfehérvár-based Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C) achieving full operational capability (FOC) at the end of this year. The international Exercise Strong Bastion 2023 is a milestone in this process, since this is the event during which evaluators of the Alliance are conducting the Combat Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL) of the Headquarters.


The peace of the Western Balkans is the security of Hungary

13:03 May 18, 2023

On Wednesday, 17 May, according to a yearslong tradition, this year’s handover-takeover of the chief of staff positions of EUFOR Operation ALTHEA and NATO Headquarters Sarajevo (NHQ Sa) took place at a joint ceremony held in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Lieutenant General Dr. Gábor Böröndi, Chief of General Staff, Hungarian Defence Forces was also present at the event organized in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo.


Multinational, soldierly May Day

11:53 May 3, 2023

On 3 May 2022, Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C) was activated as part of the NATO Force Structure. Together with the NATO Force Integration Units of Hungary and Slovakia (NFIU HUN and NFIU SVK), the military organization stationed in Székesfehérvár celebrated the first anniversary of this significant occasion by participating in the May Day Sports event of the town.


Burpee challenge in Iraq – overperformed!

18:58 April 20, 2023

On 15 April, the soldiers serving with the 16th rotation of the HDF Iraqi Training Support Contingent (HTSC-16) set themselves the goal of doing 16,000 burpees together with the personnel of the Italian contingent.


Twenty-five years of the Hungarian–Romanian Mixed Battalion

13:18 April 3, 2023

At the end of March, the soldiers of the HDF 30th Mechanized Infantry Brigade also participated in a ceremony held to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hungarian–Romanian Mixed Peacekeeping Battalion in Arad, Romania.


A significant moment in military history

12:56 April 3, 2023

On 31 March, the attainment of Initial Operational Capability (IOC) of the Hungary-based Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C) was declared in the framework of a solemn ceremony held in Székesfehérvár, where – besides several Hungarian and international invitees – also in attendance were Defence Minister of Hungary Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky and Lieutenant General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi PhD, Chief of the General Staff of the Hungarian Defence Forces.


NATO Medal Parade in Kosovo

14:18 March 6, 2023

The tour of duty of the 27th rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent is nearing its end in Kosovo. The backbone of the more-than-400-strong contingent has been made up of the Hungarian Defence Forces 1st Armored Brigade, but several other military organizations have contributed troops for the time of the foreign mission. In recognition of their service abroad over the last six months, the soldiers received their NATO medals at an event held in Camp Novo Selo.


Deputy State Secretary’s visit to Allied Joint Force Command Naples

14:14 March 6, 2023

On 1 March László Hajnik, MoD Deputy State Secretary for Defence Policy paid an official visit to the Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFCNP), where he held closed-door discussions with JFCNP Deputy Commander Lieutenant General Stephen Kelsey and subsequently with NATO Strategic Direction–South Hub (NSD-S Hub) Director Brigadier General Aydin Kilic.